Groove Roots Demos

by Doum Sound

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Rise Up 05:25
Chorus: Rise Up- All the People around must rise up Rise Up- All the People who are down must rise up Positvidad disfruta disfuta Positividad escucha escucha levanta levanta sigue la lucha Verse 1: The people must arise when they feel our vibe when our sound attacks there's no where to hide we always keep it live and do this till I die I and I survive prosper and thrive growth is like the spring with the energy we bring fight the good fight with the song that I sing so get up get up and move your body we celebrating life up in this party this is for the elders and this is for the youth this is for all who wana hear the truth one people we must be till we live in harmony for all eternity get together and be free like the sun in the dawn we gona rise till the rays pierce the dark and fill up the sky love conquers all Babylon a fall we must stand tall and listen to our call which is.... Chorus Verse 2: This is the music of the revolution from the inside out is the solution check yourself and how you're supposed to be love yourself and everybody we gona advance and continue down that path party people dance and just check the math the rhythm is four beats makes the cycle complete people move your feet to the sound so sweet Doum Sound in the house yo you best recognize open up your eyes in time to realize divine is our presence and we spreadin the essence in the direction that we headin we always givin blessings make you feel good in whatever neighborhood our music will uplift in the way that it should we so focused and we never turning back my team is on point and we posed to attack so we... Chorus
Chorus: War War Everywhere, In our hearts and our minds peace we must find No more war anywhere, upon Mother Earth it's about time Verse 1: With the smoke from the sage my microphone is blazed Im givin thanks and praise learning from the ancient days followin the way shining like the sun's rays so they call me Ra'yon I keep trodding on thru the wilderness and darkness but like the candle I spark this very luminary and revolutionary cause the ways of the world are scary but I shall not fear thee pesticides herbicides GMOs polluted skies homicide genocide I'm of the earth tribe stand in meditation till we spread that good vibration until humanity awakens from their slumber and be shaken like an earthquake volcano cyclone hurricane so man understands nature he can't tame yo we must harmonize get together and thrive throw away your foolish pride from the truth you can not hide Verse 2: Im waitin for the rain to wash away the pain clean the rivers and the lakes realize what's at stake fluoride in the water countless bodies slaughtered we on a teeter totter we must raise our sons and daughters to live balanced and upright so the future will be bright tomorrow we living right so start to today with all our might I'm a global citizen upon this Earth that we live in Im witnessing craziness in our solar system open your ears and listen open your eyes to the vision I must stay on the mission in distribution of nutrition as a magician musician casting spells on our condition for the good of everyone all creation under one sun we have one blood one love rise above spread wings and fly from the Chi to the Middle East we sending blessings and peace
Stay in the Rhythm It will guide your way You will never go astray
La culebra culebra mueve tan suave, trae la llave, baila conmigo, siente el ritmo Levanta la culebra, sube sube a mi corona baila en el sol, viene por mi corazón bellísima la víbora, bellísima rise high to the sky


released October 17, 2017


all rights reserved



Doum Sound Chicago, Illinois

Percussion driven reggae, rap, and rock. AKA GrooveRoots

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